Wedmore Village Hall

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Useful information about the Village Hall


Wedmore Village Hall plan in PDF

Click the image of the Hall plan to see an A4 sized PDF version

Main Hall

Size: 18m x 6.5m
Stage: 6m x 5m (inside drapes)


Close seating (theatre style) = 200
Dancing (disco) = 200
When seating provided at tables = 143
Dancing with seating also provided at tables = 126

Small Hall

Size: 9m x 6.7m MAX


Close seating (theatre style) = 100
Dancing = 83
When seating provided at tables = 50
Dancing with seating also provided at tables = 41


Equipment includes –

bullet Commercial gas cooker with 6-ring hob and oven, saucepans and electric kettles
bullet Two fridges in the main kitchen and a freezer in the Small Hall bar
bullet Microwave
bullet Instant hot water boiler
bullet Plate warmer
bulletTwo sinks – one for hand washing and one for washing up.
bullet Commercial dishwasher: This requires to be drained and a rinse cycle to be run when you have finished (please read the instructions provided carefully). If this is not done we will charge a £10 cleaning fee.
bulletCrockery and cutlery: as a service to our customers we will ensure that 60 place settings are available in the kitchen - there may be more. Cutlery (kept in the ‘hot’ cupboard with the sliding doors in the middle of the kitchen) includes serving spoons and teaspoons. Crockery (kept in the cupboards with the slatted-doors in the kitchen) includes 20+ Pyrex serving bowls. If you need more than 60 place settings you can hire from us high quality white tableware (up to 150 place settings). The hire charge is £7.50 per day for 30 place settings of crockery and £7.50 per day for 30 place settings of cutlery. If you want cups and saucers this is an additional £3.00 per day for 30. Breakages are charged at £2.50 per item.


The Main Hall has a powerful mechanical extract system with a speed controller to set the rate of air flow. At full speed it can provide enough fresh air ventilation for 150 people - this is a fresh air flow of 1.5 cubic metres per second, or 10 litres per person per second.


A professional quality sound system with mixing desk is available for hire. This is connected to the Main Hall induction Hearing Loop. Stage lighting and a professional lighting desk are also available for hire. If you want to use these facilities please make this clear when you place your booking. The charge for the use of the PA system is £10 and for the use of a couple of spotlights on stage is £10. We can assist with more complex setups, for which there is an extra charge.


Trestle tables (25 in number) are stored under the stage on pull-out trolleys as well as 150 upholstered chairs. We also have stage blocks, e.g. to raise up presenters or "top table" at a function. Trolleys are provided for moving chairs and tables.

For bigger events on the stage where the audience is in excess of 100 people we have a retractible raked seating system available for hire, which provides an excellent view of the stage for the people at the back of the hall. If you wish to use this system please tick the appropriate box on your booking form. We will require you to confirm that only fully trained personnel who are familiar with the operating instructions will operate the system.

In addition there are blue upholstered arm chairs in the Small Hall to provide for more comfortable seating at smaller events.


The heating timer is located in the kitchen. It is set for you by the caretaker, and there is also an ‘over-ride’ facility for you to extend the heating for an hour at a time if you need to (details next to the heating timer). Individual thermostats in the Main Hall and Small Hall allow you to make minor changes to the temperature. Please do not adjust individual radiators as this will unbalance the system. If you have booked during the winter, spring or autumn, the heating will be programmed to come on and go off when appropriate. There is instant hot water in the sinks.

Mood lighting is available in both the main hall and small hall. LED uplighters in the main hall can be individually set to any chosen colour and brightness - including running disco-style colour chases.

There are various power sockets located around the main hall and small hall.


See Hire Charges for the cost of hiring the Hall. This is a summary of our rates so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need something special or want to make an individual arrangement. If you are hiring any of the kitchen equipment or stage facilities listed above we will take a £100 returnable loss/damage deposit - the easiest way to pay being a cheque, to be destroyed by us in the event that nothing is lost/damaged.


The village hall provides a 200Mbs Wi-Fi service from TrueSpeed. By logging into the system you are agreeing to abide by our Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions of Usage. Access to the telephone line is not normally allowed so you are advised to bring a fully charged mobile telephone for use in case of emergency - but reception in the hall is poor so you may find yourself standing outside in the rain!


The village hall car park will accommodate 14 cars if they are parked sensibly. There is more parking on the road outside the hall and the nearby free village car park (5 minutes away) holds 54.


All Hall users are required to take away all their rubbish and recycling as we do not have a commercial refuse collection contract. Very small quantities can be put in the black wheelie bin which is collected fortnightly - but please no black plastic bags left lying around.


Wheelchair access to the hall is via a ramp which leads directly into the rear of the main hall.