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Hire Charges


Standard rate

Reduced rate*




SUNDAY – THURSDAY daytime (9am to 5pm)



SUNDAY – THURSDAY evening (5pm to 11:30pm)



SUNDAY – THURSDAY complete day (9am to 11:30pm)



FRIDAY – SATURDAY daytime (9am to 5pm)



FRIDAY – SATURDAY evening (5pm to 11:30pm)



FRIDAY – SATURDAY long evening (12 noon to 11:30pm)



FRIDAY – SATURDAY complete day (9am to 11:30pm)



HOURLY RATE for shorter periods






SUNDAY – SATURDAY hourly rate






WEDDINGS – weekend (9am Friday to 11:30pm Sunday)



PRESENTATION EVENINGS – junior sports clubs



CAMPS – Brownie/Scout/Guide (per night’s stay)



Children’s parties, local coffee mornings, local jumble sales (3 hour session)



LOCAL ELECTIONS (dawn to late)



GENERAL ELECTIONS (dawn to late)



EQUIPMENT and FACILITIES (£100 deposit)



Use of WiFi



Use of our sale of alcohol licence (per 48 hours)



Public address system and 4 spotlights on stage (per session)



Extra stage equipment and light setup by agreement (minimum extra £10)



CROCKERY – Athena white tableware (per day, per 30 place settings)



CUPS & SAUCERS – Athena white tableware (per day, per 30 place settings)



CUTLERY– Olympia stainless (per day, per 30 place settings)



Crockery and cutlery breakages and loss (per item)



Use of commercial dishwasher if not left clean by running final cleaning cycle



* Reduced rate applies to local groups and associations, parishioners and charities

A £20 deposit is payable on booking, and the booking may be cancelled if it has not been received within 30 days of booking. It is not refundable if the booking is cancelled within 2 weeks of the hire date. Wedding weekend or whole week bookings require a £50 deposit, not refundable if the booking is cancelled within 3 months of the hire date.

For anything you cannot see on the list or for an individual quotation contact: bookings@wedmorehall.org.uk